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On your wedding day,


every moment


should feel




Our robes of the most delicious French silk and 
sumptuous lace will embrace you in pure luxury 
while you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle. 
Our versatile range of timelessly elegant bridal 
attire also includes veils and shrugs that will 
complement your gown, as well as cover-ups and bridesmaids’ robes, and elegantly alluring pieces 
for the honeymoon – both inside and outside the 
boudoir. The versatile styling means these high-
quality pieces, all designed here in the USA, will continue to be worn well beyond the wedding day.


I dreamt this collection: Girl & A Serious Dream 
was born from the marriage of my twin passions 
for design and romance. After studying ballet and 
geometry, then qualifying as an architect, I was drawn into a career in couture fashion by the appeal

of experimenting with color, form, and texture. It was my own engagement, however, that sparked this bridal couture adventure, inspiring me to create 
a collection of unique pieces to wear while getting ready during the morning of my wedding, and over the following days as a way to make the moment last.


Embrace what makes you

feel stunning...


With love,